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END to END Systems

One of the cornerstones of an economy is the availability of affordable transportation, hence, many countries around the world rely on the import of used motor vehicles as a means to satisfy local demand, as new motor vehicles are not affordable by most. Statistically, the United States of America and Japan export 1,000,000 used motor vehicles each per annum.

We, at AVECS, have identified not only these financing opportunities but also the risks involved with financing these used motor vehicles and understand the high assurance levels required for asset quality and condition verification.

In addition to providing verification at the source, AVECS, through its partner ecosystems and in-house developed software and technologies, is able to further provide ongoing verification/condition monitoring in real-time, over the full term of the loan period, which in itself becomes a secondary revenue stream for the financial institution.

AVECS can supply an end-to-end system that provides for appropriate and effective governance, due diligence, and operational competency to facilitate the successful functioning of this process,globally.

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